Machine Tools

Leistritz offers you the optimum solution for your machining process whether

  • Pre-machining or finish machining
  • Soft or hard machining
  • Dry or wet machining

Machine solutions

Keyseating machines

With our many years' experience in mechanical engineering, we see ourselves as a competent partner for diverse industries - from drive technology, the armature industry, agricultural engineering and the pump industry to woodworking.

Leistritz keyseating machines ensure the economical manufacture of:
Feather keys/ grooves, Tangent key grooves, Hexagonal profiles, Helical grooves, Blind hole grooves, Lubrication grooves, Spline profiles, Involute profiles.


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Whirling machines

Leistritz provides a large selection of whirling machines for both internal and external whirling.

Eccentric screws, pump screws, plasticizing screws or ball screws are only a few types of threads that we produce with our machines. With our machines we realize the production of workpiece diameters from 3 - 200 mm and lengths of up to 8,000 mm.


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